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Kekkei Genkai (血継限界, Kekkei Genkai "Bloodline Limit") are abilities passed down genetically in specific clans. Most clans have developed special jutsu related to their kekkei genkai and their related jutsu cannot be taught or copied by others, as they require the specific genetic trait to work. Kekkei genkai abilities that work via the user's eye are called "pupil techniques" (瞳術, dōjutsu), such as the Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan

Naruto Kekkai Genkai's list - NarutoEx
Hyuuga Bloodline Limit - Byakugan (White Eye)
Founders: Hyuuga Clan
Description: Byakugan is a special eye trait limited to Hyuuga Clan members. When this Bloodline Limit is used a strain is forced around the eye below the temple towards the ears. There's a noticeable difference on the user's face: blood vessels appear to be pulsating through the skin. The user of this Bloodline Limit is capable of turning it on or off at will (after originally performing the hand seals). It appears as though its use has no negative physical effect on the user, but it is not known what kind of effect is placed on the eye after being used for a prolonged period of time. When the user activates Byakugan, the user gains exceptional vision. This new vision allows the user to view an opponents Chakra circulatory system. The user also has a field of vision, which is almost 360 degrees, minimizing the blind spot. In addition to this, the users range of vision can increase over a very long distance. The strength of this vision may depend on the ability of the user. The increase in range of vision complements the new field of vision. This allows the user to detect, without effort, any action within a 15m radius (the small blind spot is counted as an exception). The Byakugan user boasts an advantage in the field of close combat due to the vision and sense of nearby surroundings he/she has. After activating Byakugan, the user can perform Jyuuken (Gentle Fist). The level of Jyuuken performed depends on the ability of the user and the strength of the user's Byakugan. A skilled Byakugan user may use Jyuuken to seek an opponents Chakra holes (Tenketsu) and attack the Chakra circulatory system directly by making then it target of a Jyuuken attack. A highly skilled Byakugan user is capable of damaging all of the opponents Chakra holes and potentially shutting down the opponents Chakra circulatory system.
Uchiha Bloodline Limit - Sharingan (Copy Wheel Eye)
Founders: Uchiha Clan
Description: The Sharingan is a special kind of pupil in the eye that some members of the legendary Uchiha clan possess. Among the many abilities the Sharingan gives to the user, the most well known is the capability to memorize any technique that is viewed by the unique eye, these include Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. The only techniques it cannot copy are the ones that are limited to any other special bloodline. When a specific technique has been copied it can be used perfectly by the user. Another advantage of the Sharingan is the ability to see through any illusionary techniques. Unfortunately a huge weakness of the Sharingan is when it is being used chakra is drained rapidly from the user so in order to use the techniques that it has copied, a large amount of training has to be done to acquire the strength and stamina needed to perform the technique. It is thought that the Sharingan evolved from the Byakugan which is the Hyuuga clans bloodline limit.

Haku's Clan

Haku's kekkei genkai, Hyoton (氷遁, Hyōton, literally "Ice Release"), allows him to mix wind and water to create ice. Haku's ice is reinforced by chakra, making normally effective methods of melting ice, namely fire, practically useless. Haku's signature attack with this ability is his Demonic Ice Mirrors (魔鏡氷晶, Makyō Hyō Shō, English TV "Secret Jutsu: Crystal Ice Mirrors"), which creates any number of mirrors made of ice to trap opponents. Haku can freely merge with and move between these mirrors, allow him to attack opponents from multiple angles simultaneously. Haku is also skilled with senbon, and can incapacitate or kill a person with a single senbon. Despite these abilities, Haku dislikes needing to kill in his role as a tool, and avoids doing so whenever possible. When forced to face an opponent Haku does all that he can to avoid bringing them great harm, even putting them into a death-like state to prevent them from fighting further.

Naruto Kekkai Genkai's list - NarutoEx

Kaguya Clan

The Kaguya clan's kekkei genkai, Shikotsumyaku (屍骨脈, literally "Dead Bone Rattle"), gives Kimimaro the ability to manipulate his skeletal structure. An example of this ability is seen when Kimimaro fires his finger bones from his hands like bullets. Any injuries the skin receives during the process are instantly healed and replacement bones are created to restore the use of his hands. This ability can be used to sprout bones from any point on his body, giving him a quick defense against physical attacks by covering himself in spikes. Kimimaro can increase the strength of these bones to steel-like quality, a trait he often takes advantage of when using his bones as a sword. Each different purpose he has found for his bones he refers to as a specific dance, all of which are named after a plant.

Naruto Kekkai Genkai's list - NarutoEx

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